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PPI Claims Made Simple with the PPI Claims Company!

The hot topic in consumer finance at the moment is that of PPI claims, and with the banks reeling from a succession of scandals this is one they could certainly do without! However, the PPI saga is one that may be to your advantage, especially if you are in need of a little extra cash! So, what’s it all about, and how could you benefit?

Well, if you have had a loan, a mortgage, or even a credit card in recent years you could have been paying into a payment protection insurance policy, and it has been found that many lenders have been selling such policies in a manner outside the regulations.

Have I Been Mis-sold PPI?

The first step is to find out if you have been – or are currently – paying into any policies. Put simply, PPI is insurance to cover you if you are made redundant. In such a case it is designed to cover your monthly repayments on the loan it covers. However, there have always been strict regulations regarding the selling of PPI, and these have been found to have been routinely flouted.

If, for instance, you were simply sold the lenders policy without being informed that you were entitled to shop around for the best deal, you are entitled to make PPI claims for the cost of that policy.

How do I make a PPI Claim?

To make PPI claims you are best advised to engage a solicitor with expertise in this area of the law. This will not be as expensive as it sounds because many have realised that the average man on the street needs expert legal help. Your solicitor may even offer you a no win, no fee deal in which you pay a fee only in the event you are successful, thus avoiding an expensive legal bill for an unsuccessful case. You can find a solicitor online, and make sure they are experts in claims cases.

Will my PPI Compensation Claim  be Successful?

Many thousands of people have already made successful PPI claims for mis-sold policies, and there is no reason why your case should not succeed. With a solicitor on hand to handle the legal wrangles and the relevant information available you have every chance of success. It is your right to claim back charges on mis-sold PPI cases and the banks have had it made very clear to them that they will be facing claims, so do not hesitate – you could be sitting on a windfall!





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